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February 26, 2007

Welcome to Smart Green Energy

Category: Uncategorized – Dan – 2:00 pm is designed as a clearing house for accurate and timely information on smart energy and efficiency solutions. The goal of this site is to help people better understand the often complex issues associated with reducing the world’s carbon footprint, and by better understanding be able to participate in the debate and advocate solutions that make sense and are good for the environment and our future.

This site strives to get beyond hype and pure opinion, and provide information based on researched data available from a variety of (usually documented) sources. Opinion, where it does appear, is noted as such.

The information itself is located in three categories:

Blog Entries Quick Summaries FAQs
Every day or two, new entries are added into the Blog on a variety of smart green energy topics. Entries are filed under specific technologies (example: “Wind Power”), and there are also special categories for New Technologies, Exciting Companies, and Mythbusters. This category contains short pieces on specific topics of interest, for example “About Plug-in Hybrid Cars”, that will each provide a short layman level summary of the technology to help with understanding. The FAQ section will, for a variety of topic areas, provide a growing list of questions received on the topic with clear answers.

The overall goal is to show a coherent approach to energy solutions that are both SMART (i.e. make business sense) and GREEN (i.e. sustainable). These concepts are looked at within a “big picture” framework (see the post “The Energy Big Picture” for the introduction to this discussion). Rather than focus only on point technologies like solar cells or electric cars, smart green energy means focusing on the entire energy supply chain:

  • Sources: This is the “how” of energy: where does it come from?
  • Transmission: This is the “where” of energy: how does it get to where it is needed?
  • Storage: This is the “when ” of energy: how is the energy stored until it’s needed?
  • Use: This is the “why” of energy: to what purpose will the energy be used for?

The site is managed by Dan Leighton, who has a background and long experience in environmental engineering, as well as software product management and marketing. You can send mail to Dan at dan[at] (be sure to replace the [at] with an “@” sign!). You are also invited to visit Dan’s business consulting site at

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